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Scottsdale Luxury Real Estate – Buyers Guide

High-value properties that are in gated, family-oriented communities throughout Arizona are in high demand. Investing in high-end real estate is not the same as buying a starter home on the average market. These home purchases require a unique, strategic approach that addresses the particular needs of the high-end, luxury buyer.

You Need the Right Real Estate Agent

Many first-time luxury homebuyers do not realize that the owners of these kinds of properties do not always advertise on the open market. Although the Internet may be a valuable resource for the majority of homebuyers, those seeking exclusive properties need the assistance of a qualified real estate agent. Arizona real estate agents that have years of experience with luxury home sales can help you gain access to listings and guide you in finding select properties in the most prestigious communities that will best suit your needs and tastes.

Learn as Much as You Can about the Area

Arizona is a state comprised of many different kinds of neighborhoods with one-of-a-kind amenities, landscapes, and investment opportunities for high-end buyers. When purchasing a property that is several levels above an average home, it pays to take your time and become familiar with the various communities in Scottsdale and surrounding areas. The more intimately acquainted you are with a community, the better feel you can get for how well it will fulfill your needs and you’ll be able to estimate the property’s ability to retain its value.

Choose the Features You Want

It pays to know what you want before you begin searching for a home. Not only will this save you time, but it will keep you from spending too much money on a property that isn’t worth it. Give your list of must-have features to your agent before you start viewing homes so that he or she can prescreen properties and show you only the most compatible ones.

Iron Out Finances Beforehand

Because the cost of buying a luxury home is higher than average, it may take longer to secure a mortgage. You will also need to come to the table with a lot more money than the regular home purchase. Gather a list of your assets and bank statements not only for your lender, but for sellers too. High-end sellers do not want to waste time with dreamers. They want to know that you are serious about their property.

Scottsdale Luxury Homes for Sale

For more luxury real estate investing advice in Scottsdale, AZ, and surrounding areas, contact Ken or Sharon Lloyd with Realty One Group today.